July 25, 2002

It’s been a few hectic days I tell ya :p Had to go into work on Saturday but I left as soon as I could since my parents and my brother were in town because Sunday was my birthday and they wanted to go shopping. Now, I particularly don’t care for birthdays nor do I celebrate them but my parents and my brother seem to think it’s a big deal 🙂 Anyway, we went shopping, I got a few new DVD’s (most of which I haven’t seen yet ..), got back home and I spent the next couple of days watching several Tamil and Hindi movies that we’d rented. I also managed to watch “Changing Lanes”, about which I’d heard a lot of good things. Maybe I was tired but it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be but it wasn’t all bad either – all in all, good solid performances by both Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck but for some reason the movie left me with a feeling that something was missing – some crucial element that would have made it a really great movie …

Monday morning we got a call that an uncle of mine had passed away in Kurunegala. So we went for the funeral and then stayed in Kurunegala itself since Tuesday was a holiday and my parents had already planned something which included travel :p The “something” was actually a visit to a prospective bride’s house since my parents are trying to get me married and are trying to find a bride who fits all the conditions that I stipulated <g> Now I’d told my parents that I didn’t want to visit a prospective bride’s house immediately since I knew that it would be difficult for them to find somebody who’d meet with my approval and so had told them simply to get a photograph and I’d tell them whether they should proceed further or not. However, this girl’s dad insisted that I come along and away we went but it proved to be another useless journey :p

Went back to work yesterday and there was a heck of a lot of stuff to be attended to and in the middle of it all, I had to dash out to attend an interview with a prospective employer. I like my current place of work because I like the people there but I am beginning to hate the take-you-for-granted attitude of management and the fact that there is no real appreciation of my work – I get blamed when something goes wrong but there is no praise for a job well done. Anyway, the call to come for the interview had been on my cellular phone on Monday while we were on our way to Kurunegala and it had been a bad connection. I thought the person at the other end mentioned a company that I’d applied for just the previous day (or maybe that day itself …) and I was surprised at the quick response. When I went there however, I found that they hadn’t called me at all :p They interviewed me however but told me that it was for a new software development firm that was planning to start operations around November and that they’d let me know.

I called back the number on which I’d received the call originally after the interview (I’d actually tried the number earlier as well but it had been engaged …) and found the real company that had called me <g> I got there about an hour late, fully unprepared and not quite properly dressed since it was for a managerial position but they asked me in for an interview anyway but told me afterwards that they were simply short listing candidates and would let me know later. But I have a feeling that I didn’t do too well there :p

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