July 20, 2002

I’ve been working on the customized code snippet feature for Blog and it’s taking shape pretty nicely 🙂 First the good news: you can name the snippet, define the beginning and ending HTML tags and even assign a hotkey and an icon to it – in fact, you can even add external icons to assign to the code snippets! The bad news is: a) you lose the edit right-click context menu accessibility to the snippets (I am hoping to fix this but not done yet ..) b) you can’t define edit toolbar buttons for the snippets (you can but they don’t always work ..) c) the hotkey assignment doesn’t check to see if the hotkey combination is in use and so you can end up with a hotkey combo that does something else. Other than for these problems, it works :p In fact, I’ve now converted the standard bold, italic, paragraph, line break, angle bracket and space insertion menu items to use the new system and it all works just fine.

I intend to take a look at the little problems I’ve mentioned above and maybe get those sorted out too – or as much as possible – so that I can go ahead and release Blog 6.1 🙂 In the mean time, Tyran has pointed out that the Next and Previous tags in Blog behave differently now than they did a while back in that they now force the HTML code to be used, on you, instead of simply returning the file name… I hadn’t realized the change but have a feeling that there was some code consideration behind it. I will look into this and change it back if possible but that may break existing templates for some of you – sorry 🙁

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