July 19, 2002

A few days ago, Eric Williams pointed out a problem in Blog in Server mode that would always result in an error when trying to publish. This had to do with a coding bug in the loop variable I used since I used the same variable from the outer loop (which iterated through each message on the server) for the inner loop (which iterated through each address on the Include/Exclude list). I fixed the bug and Eric reports that it works fine but I just haven’t had the time to release Blog 6.01 so that others can benefit from this fix as well.

However, I’m planning on doing a Blog 6.1 release soon since there’s an idea suggested by Jason that’s burning a hole through my mind and while I’d originally planned to include the feature in Blog 7.0, I don’t think I can wait that long :p Basically, Jason wanted a way to have user-defined HTML snippets available in the edit window. Currently there are options like Bold, Italic etc. that allow the user to format their text using HTML code but Jason wanted a way to have customized HTML code snippets since the most used snippets probably change from user to user. I think this is a great idea and something that would really make Blog user-friendly and customizable to suit individual users. I’ve been running the idea through my mind and the basic “how-to” has now formulated in my mind and I keep on adding newer and niftier features to it :p When this starts happening, I begin to feel as if that I’d either forget a bit of it or that I would explode if I don’t implement it immediately. So, it looks as if I’ll be coding this weekend <g>

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