July 18, 2002

They’re going to being screening “Spider-man” here on Friday. That’s pretty impressive considering that usually we have to wait a couple of years before some of the current Hollywood movies come to the theaters here – mainly a matter of cost since they (meaning the Sri Lankan theater owners or whoever brings the movie down …) usually can’t recoup the money they have to pay the Hollywood studios to distribute the movie over here. I guess they are betting on “Spider-man” being as big a hit with the people as “Lord of the Rings” was a couple of months back.

I’m in two minds as to whether I really want to see “Spider-man” :p As a matter of principle, I don’t watch live action remakes of comic book classics since it ruins the comic – for me at least. Yes, I’ve seen a few of them here and there because: a) it was on TV b) a friend had the movie and I got it for free c) it was playing on an airplane during a trip. But I’ve made a point of not paying for the movie till now – “Blade” being the exception but I’ve never read the comic much :p I already don’t really like “Spider-man” because of some of the character/plot changes they’ve made to the original and because of the stupid costume with that webbing standing out as if somebody stuck ropes on a spandex suit :p I also don’t like the choice of Toby McGuire to play the role of Peter Parker but on the other hand, I feel like going to see the movie just so that I can rant about it some more :p Plus, everybody from work is going on Friday but …

Anyway, speaking of comic book characters, has anybody caught the new “Daredevil” trailer? Even with the choice of Ben Affleck for the main role, the trailer at least looks very impressive. I didn’t pay much attention to the costumes and stuff and but it did look as if they’d made changes there. Of course, the choice of Michael Clarke Duncan for the role of KingPin does break original characterizations … Ah well, guess nothing is sacred anymore :p Anyway, I’m tempted to watch “Daredevil” based on the trailer – yes, even pay money to see it :p – but things may change as I see and hear more about the movie …

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