July 17, 2002

The newspaper project at work has to be jinxed :p Yesterday, the Illustrator file for the Sinhala page that we’d done the layout and proofread, turned out to be corrupted! The layout and the changes had to be done all over again and the guy from the graphics department who was doing it had to go off at noon and it was a pretty rushed job, I can tell you. We did get the page out on time but all this is making me a petty dictator since I’ve been quashing ideas right left and center and settling disputes by simply enforcing my own will :p I shudder to think of Friday since that will be the deadline for both the Tamil and English papers and usually that’s when I almost always get to stay behind and work Saturdays :p

Of course, I’m beginning to re-evaluate the whole working Saturdays thing too. Yesterday my boss looked at the Tamil page that I’d worked on the whole weekend to get out and had only criticisms. I reminded him that I did work the weekend to get it out and that there was nobody helping me but his only response was that it wasn’t my job to work on the page but to get somebody else to do it since I’m supposed to be in charge of the project. While I do see his project, I also believe that he and I are two different kinds of managers – he’s a hands-off manager since he doesn’t know the software or how to get the stuff done and so can only tell somebody to get it done, whereas I’m a hands-on manager since I know what needs to be done and in most cases, can get it done faster than anybody I’d entrust the job to. Whatever the case maybe, I am beginning to realize that the work environment is far different from the US here and that I’d gotten used to doing things the US way. Now I’m simply going to tell somebody to get the job done and not bother whether it’s done or not – even though that seems totally asinine to me … Oh well …

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