July 16, 2002

Work continues at an unabated pace … I forgot to mention yesterday that I worked part of Sunday as well … Well, I did and that actually helped me to get the Tamil newspaper page in shape though I still needed the help of the Tamil team yesterday to proofread it and make the final corrections. We were told that we had to get it on the table of the editor of the paper by noon if we wanted the page to be published and we sent it off at 11:35! I’m not even sure that the page will be published this time but I did learn a lot about Adobe Illustrator in the space of three day’s time – so not everything is lost :p

Of course, as soon as I got the Tamil page out, I had to start working on the Sinhala page since that has to go out today. At least, that was being done by the graphics guys and all I had to do was proofread, make editorial changes and make judgment calls on various layout decisions :p I’m beginning to think that being democratic is not the way to go when working in a team environment. Even people who contribute nothing towards the newspaper page feel that it is their duty to contribute inane (and conflicting) suggestions about layout changes and they all feel that their’s is the only good suggestion. I’ve finally become so fed up with it that I’ve said that *I* will make the decisions and that they will be final – guess the stress is getting to me :p

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