July 15, 2002

Had an interesting weekend – or at least Saturday :p Went to work again on Saturday since one of the newspaper column teams had decided to do their layout in PageMaker instead of Adobe Illustrator like everybody else and didn’t know till the end that PageMaker couldn’t output to TIFF format like Illustrator could. Of course, the boys in the graphics department didn’t inform anybody of this fact either since they just wanted to sit back and watch the fun when they tried to finally output their layout. The upshot of it was that the graphics guys went home on Friday, the newspaper team went home on Friday and I had to come in and try to sort out their mess on Saturday! I didn’t think being head honcho meant that you had to do so much work – my boss has it easier, he just tells them that they’ll fire them if they don’t get it right :p

Anyway, I did some research and found out that you can install a postscript printer driver and have PageMaker print the page into an EPS file, which Illustrator can read. Of course, this is something that the boys in graphics said could not be done in any form whatever – so much for what they know :p The problem started with fonts – they had used a lot of Tamil fonts that weren’t installed on my system and even after installing them, Illustrator would say that the font wasn’t there when the EPS file was opened. It would however substitute the exact fonts it said that weren’t there – crazy! There were other problems with layout and placement however and I had to spend the whole day before I came up with something which *almost* worked. My Tamil wasn’t up to the task of proofreading the text however and so I decided to wait till Monday …

There was a party to be held by a bunch of people who’d come to work with our company on a sort of mutual exchange program. It was in the evening and I was simply going to give it a miss and go home but since work kept me at work till evening, I decided to go with a couple of other guys from work. It turned out that it was a good idea that I decided to go since I had a very good time there. I got to know a lot of people that I hadn’t talked to much except perhaps to smile and say “Hi” to and found them to be great people. I hadn’t danced in a while and the music was pretty good too 🙂 Of course, one of the guys we went with had to go get so drunk that he went over the top – I think that’s a peculiarly Sri Lankan thing … Or does anybody else have friends like that? He was so drunk that he started puking and then we had to take him downstairs and let him lie down … When I finally left, he was still sleeping and two of the guys stayed back to take him home in the morning – what a way to end a party :p

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