July 1, 2002

Nothing much accomplished this weekend – probably because my parents were at home but also because it was a fairly busy weekend doing a lot of stuff outside the house. Oh yeah, I had to work Saturday as we have suddenly been given a very tight deadline to finish the project I supervise by the end of July. That is a story in and of itself. They’d started the project late for some reason or other and had then told the funder that it was completed in time when it wasn’t. Since then, they’ve been struggling to finish it but nobody seemed to have the urge to actually get it done fast. One of the main reasons for the delay is actually my boss (or rather one of my bosses …) who nitpicks all the work and asks for a redo however long it may take. So progress has been at a snail’s pace and suddenly everybody has been asked to pick up their pace and I can tell you that nobody is happy :p

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