June 25, 2002

I watched “The Last Castle” yesterday. I’ve been meaning to watch the movie for a very long time – ever since I saw the previews and thought that Robert Redford and James Gandolfini looked excellent in it. But I couldn’t find a DVD copy till yesterday and since I knew that I wanted to own the movie, I didn’t want to compromise and rent it :p Anyway, the movie proved to be all that I’d hoped it would be – great acting, great story and lots of action! I guess the movie was about leadership and what makes a good leader but it was also about us, humans, and the choices that we make – and don’t make. I especially loved the scenes where they take over the prison using basically ancient military techniques such as the shield wall and the catapult :p A good movie to watch for certain …

Of course, besides watching movies and playing games, I haven’t really done much this long weekend but I guess I’ll have to get out of that rut today and get back to coding since Blog 6.0 needs to be released soon 🙂 There are two major problems – both of which I was aware of but was too lazy to fix <g> – that need to be attended to before the next release – as well as the continuing localization problems that seem to plague a Spanish user. The two problems? Well … 1) Blog needs to be connected to the Net even to only publish to a local site 2) the image linking referral address is not correct when the FTP root is not the same as the WWW root for that particular site. I didn’t correct the first since I thought I was the only user who used Blog strictly in local mode – and even then, I only use it in that mode for testing. The second was the main reason that I hadn’t implemented the new image linking tag in the first place but then I thought not many people would run into this problem either. Guess I was wrong on both counts :p

I don’t like to dismiss a problem saying that it’s only an exception and that I shouldn’t code for the exceptions – I like all my users to have a uniformly pleasant experience with my apps and so I guess I’ll try to fix these two problems and the localization issues before the next release. I know the first bug is easy enough to fix – I should have done that in the first place but didn’t want to add the extra bloat that a few lines of code would have added :p Not so sure about the second bug since I’ll basically have to re-do parts of the FTP connection code to allow both relative and absolute paths and while I have an idea as to how I want to go about it, I’m not sure that it’s doable. As for the localization problems, there’s only one person with the problems and even he hasn’t contacted me via e-mail as I asked him to and so I don’t know how much I can do there …

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