June 15, 2002

I fixed the dialing issues and tested things to make sure that they work properly. I also added the linked image and file handling for Blog in Client and Server modes – in Client mode to send them out as attachments and in Server mode to decode the attachments and upload them to the web server. On the subject of attachments, Greg suggested in a comment that I should simply figure out which are image files and which are not by their extension – while I’d thought of that, that doesn’t seem like a really foolproof way to do things … at least to me, since fools can be really ingenious :p For instance, JPG sometimes also has the JPEG extension and if I am not mistaken, even an image which might have a mistaken extension of JP will display fine on a browser if linked with the right name. Trying to cater to all these different scenarios can get to be a bit tricky. Of course, as one of my former bosses used to say, I could simply code for the rules rather than for the exceptions but I don’t like that approach – I’d like to cover all possibilities if possible :p

Nigel was preparing for a trip abroad and he wanted to set Blog Server up to auto-publish the entries he sent while he was away. While setting it up, he wanted to know if Blog would re-upload the old entries to his server even if there were no e-mails and I said yes it would since that’s the way it had been coded. Then I realized that this might prove to be a problem for people who want Blog to check often but don’t want any unnecessary publishing – so I added a new option under the Server tab where you can tell Blog not to publish unless there were new e-mails. I’ve done a few other fixes along the way as well and hopefully, I’ve remembered all of them and documented them in the readme file.

Of course, what with all this work on Blog, PostMan has been neglected for the last few days. I still feel the need for a good e-mail client since I’ve upgraded to the latest Eudora (5.1.1) and it still has that annoying problem of inserting =20 in to e-mails (I think this happens only with messages sent from Outlook but I’m not sure – hmm … maybe it’s some sort of a subversive tactic against Microsoft? :p) I already know that PostMan does not have this problem but there is still a lot of stuff missing from PostMan and I don’t want to switch over before I’m halfway sure that I can achieve all that I want with it. But with Qualcomm’s latest tactic of asking users to pay to upgrade to what essentially is a bug-fix release (the last release was 5.1), I’m beginning to think they’re getting greedy and it’s time that somebody did a good, free e-mail client. I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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