June 4, 2002

It looks as if the planned public beta release of the next version of Blog is going to be slightly delayed since I’ve already started work on that mail client I was talking about :p I’m calling it PostMan (yeah, I know … extremely unimaginative <vbg>) and it’s already fetching the headers, displaying the unread mail count next to the mail box, displays the header information on a grid and even fetches the message body when requested but cannot display the message body yet since I haven’t done that part. I like how it’s turning out but might drop the project half-way through if certain things don’t fall in to place :p Incidentally, I’m making PostMan fetch only the header information (with an optional setting to fetch even the body …) so that if you get a lot of junk mail, you can simply look at the header info, delete the mails that you don’t want and then download the bodies for the ones that you do want to read. So far it seems to work OK but we’ll see how things turn out.

A reader of of this page and a user of some of my apps, Brant, suggested that I should maybe work on an existing open source project instead of working on a new mail client. For one, I don’t really believe in the open source projects – I believe in freeware but not in open source for a variety of historical reasons … I think I’ve ranted/talked about it before and so I won’t go in to it. For another, if I’d joined the Mozilla project for instance, I would have had to work within an existing framework and to a schedule set by others instead of having the freedom to do what I want, when I want and how I want :p The biggest user of my software is myself – I basically code the app for myself but distribute it for free in case others might find it useful too. Of course, I provide support and add features that users suggest (provided I think it’s useful and won’t add bloat to the code …) because I like helping others but first and foremost, the apps are coded for myself and as Bing Crosby used to sing, I’d like to say that I did it my way <vbg>

Oh yes, I heard from another user who found the nag message on the start of Blog irritating :p I do have a FAQ entry about it but for those who don’t know (and haven’t looked at the Blog FAQ), the nag message is not thrown up by Blog but rather by one of the shareware components that I was forced to use to provide the functionality that I don’t see the point in paying for a component that goes in to a freeware app and so, I have not purchased it. If anybody is actually bothered by the nag message, feel free to purchase the component for me :p

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