March 17, 2002

What did I say last time about it pouring when it rains? The latest happening was that our house got burgled!! Well, it’s not exactly the latest happening since it happened about two weeks ago but happen it did. I went for work in the morning, came back in the middle of a power cut and groped my way to a light and discovered that my whole room had been turned inside out! I checked room by room and discovered that everything had been ransacked and that somebody had come in after forcing a window open. The funny thing is that nothing much of value had been taken at all!! The police surmise that the thief (or thieves) might have been in the house when I came in … I’m not too certain that this is the case but in hindsight it is pretty funny to think of me and the thieves stumbling around in the dark and passing each other :p

Work has been extremely hectic as well. When I came back, I was hired to do administrative work and was put in charge of a team whose output was not meeting set quotas. I was supposed to speed up output but was not expected to get involved in production work – simply to do administration. Of course, as such things have a tendency to do, things have changed <g> I spent the whole of last week scripting, shooting and editing two episodes of the program that the team I manage produces. While they usually take about two weeks to produce one episode, I was able to complete a full episode in just four days and have a second episode all ready except for the editing. I’m pretty pleased at having got things done so fast though I have a feeling that this is going to result in my team having to do a lot more work :p

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