January 22, 2002

I’ve just uploaded the installer version of Blog 5.0 🙂 Now, don’t go rushing along without reading the documentation if you are an existing Blog user even though there is an Upgrade option on the installer :p I forgot to do a few things and since I’m on a dial-up connection and the installer is a hefty 2.5MB (blame the ZIP compression used by the NullSoft Installer <g> I use RAR myself and it manages to squeeze in just a bit more …) I will not be uploading it again – especially since I have to upload to 3 different sites 🙁 What did I forget? I forgot to change the instructions on how to upgrade on the Blog.txt file! Although from Blog 5.0 onwards all database upgrades are supposed to happen transparent to the user, I had to use the Database Conversion Utility one final time since there is a little problem there that cannot be fixed any other way. Both the Blog 5.0 installer (if you use the Upgrade option) and the separate Upgrade package (not yet uploaded by me …) will have the Database Conversion Utility (DCU) included with them. Simply run the DCU first and select the “4.0+ -> New Format” option from the Convert menu (after backing up your Blog data first, of course <g>) and then run Blog 5.0 and you should be set … Just don’t forget, OK? Have fun with the latest Blog and let me know what you think … (and yes, I’ll upload the Upgrade package as soon as I can but even that’s around 1.4MB …)

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