December 31, 2001

OK the current status of the MMJB saga is that I reinstalled MMJB 6.0 over version 7.0 and the good news is that the software detected that it was going to install over a newer version and warned me but the bad news is that when I installed it anyway, it overwrote the newer driver file for MxlW2k.sys with an older one :p I had a copy of the newer driver file though and I copied into the Windows System directory and MMJB 6.0 worked fine with the file and I had no more problems with lockups at shutdown but MMJB still would not detect a CD change and I have to close MMJB each time after I’ve done a rip and then insert a new CD so that MMJB would automatically start up and get the CDDB info for the new CD 🙁 Ah well … maybe MMJB tech support will have a solution for me today but I’m almost done with my CD’s and I have this feeling that I’ll get a solution from tech support just after I complete ripping my last CD <vbg> … Just inserted my last CD into the CD drive … so any moment now :p

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