December 26, 2001

The weekend was long but extremely busy :p I had movies to watch on TV, stuff that I needed to pack and set up and mail off etc. and on top of it all, I had “Final Fantasy X” to play! Actually, I didn’t play as much as I would have liked to … I played the game once and was very impressed by it – the graphics are reminiscent of “Final Fantasy VIII” but I like the story better because it’s magic oriented instead of tech-oriented. I wanted to play the game at my leisure instead of hurrying through it and so decided to set it aside for a while since I really had a lot of other stuff to do over the weekend.

Speaking of doing stuff and time management, I can tell you what the biggest waste of my time this weekend was – Charter Communications and their non-appearing techs! The tech people from Charter were supposed to pay me a visit on Friday since I was told by them that I had broadband access in my area finally (and as I probably mentioned earlier, they’d come over a while back and set up the modem and stuff only to discover that I had no access in my area :p) but of course, I personally had no access. I talked to their tech support on Thursday, they did some checking and said that they didn’t know what was wrong and that some of their techs would get over to my place on Friday – sometime in the afternoon. I stayed home on Friday and guess what? Nobody turns up! I was mad as hell and called Charter up in the evening and was told that they’d have somebody over the next day (Saturday) but wouldn’t tell me what time and so of course I had to stay home the whole day and surprise, surprise nobody turns up again!! I was really mad by this time and called Charter up and told them what to do with their broadband access but that means that I’ll have to continue with dial-up … Ah well …

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