December 20, 2001

We got hit by the Gokar worm at work yesterday because somebody in one of our European offices decided to click on the nice attachment :p We got about 25 e-mails out of that yesterday and they shut down the mail server for a while but soon things were back to normal and I had thought that was it since nobody would be stupid enough to click on the attachment again after all the commotion that was caused yesterday – guess I underestimate the power of human stupidity <vbg> Today there were 54 copies of the mail in my inbox! I guess people never learn and never will …

I began looking at various Java IDE’s again for work and was giving the Oracle JDeveloper another look and while it was feature packed and was available as a free download, I found it to be extremely slow and a huge resource hog – especially the release candidate for the new JDeveloper 9i. Since JDeveloper is based on Borland’s JBuilder, I decided to give that a look as well and while I was pretty unimpressed by the free personal edition, I did find the features for the Entereprise edition pretty interesting! Some of the components there gave me a couple of ideas that I’d like to try out but first of course, I’ll need to persuade somebody here to get the trial edition of the Enterprise version on CD :p Guess I’ll let you know if I do get the trial and if my ideas can actually be implemented … 🙂

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