December 17, 2001

Scratch what I wrote a while back about XBox action games being easier :p I’ve been playing “Azurik: Rise of Perathia” most of the weekend and it has gotten progressively harder. Fortunately, I was able to find a very valuable cheat which offsets some of the game’s difficulty – the ability to save anywhere 🙂 I love those hidden cheats! Of course this takes me way back to the time when I first became aware of hidden cheats in games – it was with Doom where you could use IDDKFA etc. Ah those were the days 🙂 Well, enough of nostalgia <g> Of course, since I spent most of the week playing Azurik and the rest of the time either reading Terry Pratchett’s “The Last Continent” or watching TV, I didn’t get any coding done at all – well, except for fixing a couple of minor bugs in Blog that is :p Yeah, I know I need to either get Scope done or get to work on Blog so that you can have all the neat features that I’ve been promising <vbg> but unfortunately, things are really chaotic for me at the moment and I just can’t seem to concentrate enough on coding. However, I will definitely get back to both projects in time …

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