December 14, 2001

Before I forget (I had a lot to write about yesterday and so forgot :p), I did solve the problem with capturing screenshots with alpha-transparent images 🙂 After I made my Clint Eastwood tribute page and that if I added a link to their site and let them know, that they’ll add a link to mine – yeah, right! If you follow the link, you’ll notice that it is just one of my older posts where I simply mention Clint Eastwood with regards to a movie that I’d seen. So these people were obviously using some sort of a trawling app to look for all pages with the words Clint Eastwood on them and then simply filtered anything that looked like an e-mail on that page and sent mail to all those people – I hate that!! Of course, I thought I was safe since my e-mail address is coded with AT and DOT but now I went back and took a look and realized that I’d missed my address in one place, drat! So now I’ve fixed that as well … so there :p

I played “Azurik: Rise of Perathia” some more yesterday and while I still like the game, I have a few complaints as well :p OK, make it one complaint – I really hate the lack of a save-anywhere facility! There are certain points in the game where you can’t find a save point at all and have to back-track a really long way to get to one and since the particular point that I’m talking about also has a really difficult area to get through, it sucks if you get through the area, don’t have the game saved and then get killed – as happened to me! Oh yeah, another thing I hate is monster behaviour – again in the same area, there is this particularly high ledge where a monster is and where the monster is when you climb a ladder to get to the ledge seems to be random but if the monster is close to the point where you climb up, it will never move away even if you climb down – it will remain close to the ladder and knock you down as soon as you try to climb up again. Hate that :p Other than that, the game is interesting and lots of fun 🙂

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