December 12, 2001

Handed in my resignation yesterday and my boss was very cool about it but there seems to be something really wrong there because the manager of a different department wanted to talk to me about me leaving and he tells me that his department has no problems with reviews at all! My boss had been saying that the delays in reviews was not because of her and that the reviews went from her immediately but they got delayed in processing whereas this guy was telling me that the most any of his people’s reviews got delayed was a month and that was usually because of him … Something definitely doesn’t smell right … He also asked me whether I’d like to join his department but I feel kinda awkward about doing something like that at this stage, particularly because I know that internally it would turn into something like “OK, first finish the current project and then maybe you can switch if you want to” kind of thing … Anyway, I don’t believe in taking a step back once I’ve taken a step forward – so for good or bad, I’m done with my company and the only thing to think of is what happens next …

KuhnDog reminded me a couple of days back about a curious problem that he’d had with Bandit – the yet unreleased screen capture app that I coded for him just before I left for Sri Lanka on vacation – Bandit handles normal screen captures and the FTPing of the captured image and a thumbnail to a server fine but it seems to have a problem with alpha-transparent windows/images because they don’t appear on the screen capture at all! I had been meaning to write to the author of the screen capture component that I was using, about this problem but had forgotten :p I finally wrote to him today and he wrote back saying that nobody else had complained about this particular problem (of course, not many people habitually use alpha-blended screen components – especially since this is a feature only available in Win2k up <g>) and so I decided to try it out myself. I downloaded Glass2k, made one of my desktop windows 90% transparent and took a screenshot with Bandit and guess what? The window that was transparent was completely absent from the screenshot! So I decided to take a screenshot with AcdSee 4.0 and even that came up with a blank (of course, AcdSee might be coded in Delphi as well and might be using a similar component to do the screen capture ..) I then did a Print Screen and pasted into PhotoShop and that did show the screen as it should appear – so I guess some things work but not all … I sent all the info to the author of the screen capture component and am now waiting to see what he says …

News flash 🙂 My boss’s boss came and wanted a meeting with me just now and he tells me that the review situation is not as my boss had portrayed :p He tells me that the company doesn’t want to lose me and that he will personally guarantee that my review will get done fast and that it will never happen again in the future. I’m sorta holding back to see what actually happens but I might stay on … or maybe not … damn, why do things need to get so complicated? :p

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