December 11, 2001

I worked from home yesterday since I had to attend to a few things – these should actually have been done on Friday when I had the day off but sometimes service organizations seem to forget what customer service is all about … My local cable company – Charter Communications – was supposed to send over a technician on Friday since I’d signed up for broadband access with them (yes, they’ve finally got broadband in my area – or seemed to … but more on that by and by …) I’d been signed up by one of their door-to-door salesmen and the guy assured me that one of their techs would be over on Friday to do the installation. So I stayed home (even though I had an appointment with my insurance agent) since they were supposed to arrive between 1:00pm and 5:00pm hoping that they’d arrive soon, get their job done and that I’d be able to go get my insurance stuff done. Four o’ clock rolls around and no people, so I call the Charter office and am told that they are supposed to be there and would get there soon – I wait another hour and still nothing! So I call Charter again and they say that I am not even in the system and so that’s why nobody showed up! Huh? You mean to tell me that they didn’t even check the first time that I called or that I somehow mysteriously disappeared from the system between my first and second calls? They tell me that nothing more can be done today …

So I called Charter on Saturday and actually got somebody who was helpful. She told me that I wasn’t in the system either but did put me in to the system and set up another appointment for yesterday. So I end up staying home yesterday. The techs did arrive this time and they set everything up and sit down to do the final stuff … no connection! So they draw a line directly from the tap and check, still no connection!! Turns out that Charter does not have access in my area set up yet. Huh? Why the heck were they selling me a package if they didn’t have broadband set up in my area? I have no idea!! The upshot was that they left the cable modem and stuff at my place, told me that I wouldn’t be billed till service was there (which I’m not too sure about – considering all that’s gone on so far, I’m expecting them to bill me next month …) and that they’d call me. Estimate for when I’d have access? No idea! Ah, it’s great to have such impeccable service!

Finally, I’m handing in my resignation today :p I talked to my boss (as I mentioned Tags:
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