December 6, 2001

Told my boss yesterday that I was planning to quit and that they’d better initiate things to find a replacement for me. Turns out that she is as tired of the company’s policies as I am … Further, it looks as if it might be a good idea to leave anyway because she told me that we are supposed to put in extra hours for a new project that “management” wants done fast (and that project actually got delayed by about a month in the first place because they came up with a few other things that they considered higher priority …) *and* they are not going to pay us for the extra hours! I am so sick and tired of the clueless decisions made over here and then having to suffer for their mistakes – or having to come up with newer solutions (or worse, reverse solutions we’d put in place …) to please their every whim and fancy. Ah well … I guess things will get resolved in their own time …

I am not sure that I’m going to release Quester after all … I like the app and am using it regularly but there seems to be way too much hassle involved in releasing it as a public app – the people over at DQSD want to keep the search formats in synch, do a new license so that I can keep the XML open but the app itself closed etc. and it seems to me too much effort to put into something that not many people seem to be that much interested in. Those who are actually interested in it already have DQSD, so why go to all that trouble with Quester when I can better spend my time on Scope or Blog? 🙂 Speaking of which, I need to find some time to get the work I want to do on Scope done because there have been so many good idea for Blog lately, that I really want to work on it. Plus, the slowdown that I’d initially noticed with Blog still continues and I really want to figure out a way around that – I don’t like slow apps :p

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