December 4, 2001

I’ve decided to quit my job! Relax, I’m not nuts :p I’ve been here for over a year now and my review has been due for several months now but so far nothing – all I get are promises that it will be “any day now”. To me this sounds as if the company doesn’t really care about it’s employees generally and that they aren’t that appreciative of the work that I do specifically. So I’ve thought about this for a while and it occurred to me yesterday that if I continued to stay here, it would be an admission that the company’s estimate of me is true. So I thought I’d talk to my boss today and tell her that I was quitting …

On other news <g>, while Quester is generally working fine, I ran into a major stumbling block – I discovered that when a search engine has only one field to be filled in, it works fine but if there are multiple fields, I can’t get it to work because the Delphi XML Mapper does not seem to pick up the extra input fields from the XML file. I was hoping that I might be able to do something like a master-detail relationship with two different XML definitions but it doesn’t seem to work that way … Or maybe it’s just the fact that I am not all that conversant with the XML Mapper utility – guess I’ll have to look into that some more today … if I’m not out hunting for a new job that is :p

Phil came up with a great idea for Blog today – he suggested that if Blog was able to monitor an e-mail account and simply use incoming e-mails to create entries, that Blog would have multi-user capabilities (as well as remote update capability) without there being a need for a client server version! I think this is a great idea and intend to work on this whenever I can. Of course this does bring up other problems – such as the fact that most users will probably want Blog to monitor a web based e-mail account and not one that supports POP and that is going to create problems … Ah well, what’s life without a little challenge, huh?

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