November 28, 2001

I finally managed to get Mozilla to compile yesterday after some digging around as to what might be the problem this time around – turned out that the path to the Cygwin tools had somehow mysteriously disappeared from my system environment since I last compiled Mozilla :p Of course, it took about the better part of a day to get Mozilla to compile at all because I ran into further problems – turns out that you can’t now compile just the Mozilla client since all build options try to build all the units for Mozilla embedding as well and one of the units is built around the MFC framework – and guess what? I don’t have MFC installed on my machine because I hate MFC! I had to dig through the make files and figure out what to modify so that I could build Mozilla without needing to install MFC on my machine.

You would think that I could get to work on Scope once I got through all that, right? Wrong! I had not installed all the extra Delphi components that I use for Scope since I installed XP on my machine and reinstalled everything and it turns out that I can’t get the embedded browser code to compile on my machine now – would things ever work around me? <g> I have a feeling that the problem lies with IE 6 since I can’t seem to import the type library for the MS HTML Object Library on my machine at all – or rather, the type library imports fine but I can’t compile the resultant Delphi code because there are a lot of errors in the code – hundreds of errors in fact and since the code is over hundred thousand lines long, the performance when trying to edit it with Delphi is abysmal. I finally gave up and was getting ready to go home when I realized that I could simply import the type library on another machine that doesn’t have IE 6 and use that but since I was already ready to go home, I decided to leave that for today :p

I watched “Roswell” on UPN and it just made me depressed … When the show began three seasons ago, I really loved it because it was a light story with a lot of excitement and very, very interesting characters. The story was about a group of teens – three of whom happen to be aliens in the town of Roswell, New Mexico and the others are their friends who learn that the three are aliens. The three aliens – Max, Isabel and Michael – had been stranded on Earth when their ship crahsed on Earth or something in the 50’s and they’d somehow come out of their ship in the 80’s as young kids and been adopted by people in the area (at least Max and Isabel were adopted – Michael somehow ended up with an abusive foster Dad …) I loved the first season because it was hopeful, about young love and had a lot of thrills and edge of the seat excitement. In the second season the characters began to change, they became more … adult, cynical, selfish and the series itself turned into something like a teen version of a soap opera.

The show was on WB at that time but WB was going to cancel it at the end of the second season but UPN bought it. The creators said at the time that now they’d be able to take the show in the direction they really wanted to but hadn’t been allowed to by WB and I had great hopes for the third season. But the third season has turned out to be even more adult and depressing. The hopeful young lovers from the first season (Max and Liz) have become a hopeless relationship and Max has turned from an idealistic, caring person to somebody who is utterly selfish at times. The only ray of brightness in the increasingly gloomy story lines had been Michael and Maria – their relationship had turned from a taunting, antagonistic one to a strong love and I enjoyed seeing how Michael changed.

Michael had originally been brash, uncaring and somewhat of a loner. He still is to a great extent but it was great to see him try to break out of his shell, become caring – if somewhat bumbling in his efforts to understand relationships – and strong. I guess I identify with Michael because he is somebody who is alone in a world full of strangers and he desperately wants to hold on to something that he can call his own – and up till yesterday that something was Maria. Yesterday they broke up …

Yes, here I am writing about a TV series as if it was something real :p But in a sense, it is real … Maybe a TV series (or anything created by any of us …) reflects the times and the conditions that it is created in and when everything around us is so bleak, I would at least hope for some brightness from the entertainment industry – but at least in the case of “Roswell” it is not to be … That is depressing …

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