November 27, 2001

Wow! The hints guide I did for “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” is climbing rapidly up my site access log charts :p For some strange reason (maybe because somebody submitted the page? <vbg>) my main page appears on Google searches a day or two after I make a post and let me tell ya, a lot of people seem to be searching for hints for Munch’s Oddysee. I am kinda happy that I can provide some sort of a service to these people – though I’m not that sure that I am indeed helping <g> since the hints for most of the first levels were written from memory and are kind of sketchy :p In fact, I had somebody write to me asking me for help with one of the earliest levels – the Mudokon Pens – and I realized that I had no information at all in my initial set of hints. And of course, by that time I couldn’t even remember what the level was about :p Fortunately, I have saved games for each level in the game and so I went back and played that level all over again and beefed up the hints for that level 🙂

I did finally get back to doing some coding yesterday … A few days back Von had described the steps she’d taken before a data corruption occurred in Blog – I’ve had complaints of data corruption in Blog by several users but none of them could remember the steps that led to the problem. Thanks to Von, I was able to figure out where the problem was – it happened when you started a new entry (or even modified an existing one) and tried to delete it without saving the changes … I put in some code to prompt to save (which is rather superfluous actually :p) and if the user doesn’t want to save, the changes will be canceled. This should hopefully take care for the final point in Blog (I hope …) where data corruption can occur.

I was wondering whether to continue work on Blog but decided instead that I should actually go back to Scope – both because jugg has been hinting at the fact that a new version is long overdue :p and because I really do need to fix some of the most irritating things about the current implementation of Scope and get it working with the latest versions of Mozilla. In order to do that, I had to download the Mozilla 0.9.6 source (why do they keep on coming out with new builds instead of letting it stagnate for ages like me? <vbg>) since I had last downloaded the 0.9.4 source. I went through the usual hassles of extracting the tarball since some of the Windows archiving tools which supposedly support the TAR.GZ format still seem to have weird problems extracting it and then tried to compile it … Nothing! Or rather, the usual error message that I seem to get every time I try to compile Mozilla the very first time :p It never seems to fail! Even though I did get Mozilla 0.9.4 to compile fine and I have not made any changes to the system since then (not that I remember at least …), it just wouldn’t compile! I got tired of the hassles at that point and decided to put it off till another day :p

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