November 26, 2001

They mentioned Icarus on the radio today while discussing something else and my thoughts went off on a tangential direction – I was trying to remember who Icarus’ father was because their story was one of the “myffic” stories (as one of Terry Pratchett’s characters calls it – he meant mythic BTW …) that I remember from my earliest childhood. It was in comic format and I can still recall the expression on Icarus’ father’s face as he held his son in his arms and wept after he flew too close to the sun and fell. I can still feel the pain in that look and perhaps that was one of the earliest moments in my life when I hated to see pain in others and wanted to do something about it …

Anyway, I thought for about ten minutes before I finally remembered his name – Daedulus! That whole trip down memory lane brought back all sorts of memories about King Minos, Theseus, the minotaur … all the old stories. Ah, there is nothing like a good myth, I tell ya 🙂

I finished “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” early on Saturday morning and was really bummed because the XBox seems to have spoilt me for gaming on any other console :p And there isn’t any other game on the XBox that I really want to try out till “Azurik: Rise of Perathia” and that won’t be released till the end of this week. I do want to try out “Halo” (especially since sinesolis recommends it highly …) but I have a feeling that I will find it too tough for me – I never did too well at first-person shooters unless I had the cheat codes :p Speaking of Azurik, the name of the game always makes me grin because Perathia (pronounced with a long middle “a” as in cane) sounds a lot like a Sinhalese word “peraythaya” which means either a demon – rather, more like an imp … – or a very greedy person (a glutton). Hmm … written down that doesn’t look too funny but it does if you think of it in Sinhalese :p Wonder whether a Sri Lankan was involved in the game ….?

The e-mail worms seem to be back since I got a weird message today with an attached e-mail (but no warning from NAV mind you …) plus another e-mail from somebody or other in Thailand (I think….) – from a server that I never recall sending mail to – saying that a message I sent had a virus attached. I am not sure whether somebody is using my address or whether my machine is sending out messages due to a virus or trojan … there has been a lot of hard disk activity on my machine recently even when it was idling and I’ve been wondering about that … The way things are going, I’d be scared even to get online soon …

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