November 23, 2001

Played “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” most of yesterday – since I am fasting these days due to it being the month of Ramadhan, I didn’t even have to stop to eat :p The game is just too addictive! I would play a couple of levels, say I am going to stop now but then continue because I wanted to get through “just the next level” :p I did find myself stuck at a couple of places however and couldn’t find any resources online to help me out. In fact, about the only online guide to “Munch’s Oddysee” that I found was Sinjin’s but that seemed to be a very ambitious project and was still in the initial stages. However, the site was almost an empty page last week when I started playing the game and now it has quite a bit of introductory content, so it might not be long before the site is up. But till then, players looking online for a guide to “Munch’s Oddysee” are probably going to be out of luck and I didn’t like that 🙂 So I did a hasty hints guide (not a full walkthrough mind you ..) and put it up here since somebody might benefit from my experience :p

On other news, the XBox box I had on EBay (I don’t remember whether I mentioned this but since I decided to keep the XBox system, I decided to auction the box :p) went for around $130 – it was over $150 but somebody withdrew their bid – and then the person who bought it writes to me and says that he’s a kid and that he really wanted an XBox! Why can’t people read what is there instead of what they want it to be? The title clearly said that it was an Xbox box and I bet that he never bothered to read the description …. Ah well, guess that experiment in human logical thinking was a resounding success!! :p

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