November 16, 2001

Yesterday for quite a bit of the day I had two next-gen gaming consoles in my car :p I know I said yesterday that I didn’t find the Xbox all that impressive but a friend from work came in and told me that he’d bought one early in the morning and then around lunch time he came back and told me that a Best Buy close to work still had some in stock. So I rushed over and bought one – they had one more left when I left :p Of course, the purchase was not for playing but as an investment since I immediately put the Xbox up on Ebay when I got back to work <vbg> Unfortunately, a lot of other people seem to have had the same idea because when I checked yesterday evening there were close to four thousand Xbox items on Ebay 🙁 Ah well, I can always return the Xbox to Best Buy if the auction doesn’t go too well :p

The other console in my car was my PlayStation2. I returned it to Circuit City yesterday and got a model SCPH-3001R from the KMart close to my place on my way back from work. I set it up and checked out the DVD playing stuff with the Sony remote and it all seems to work great! So I am really happy about that 🙂 I did find something curious though – I have an “Evil Dead II” DVD that I had purchased second-hand just last week and when I put that in the PS2, I would get the opening title and then nothing – just a blank screen! I don’t know if the DVD is damaged or if there are certain DVD’s that the PS2 will not play … and I don’t believe that this is a different region DVD either. I guess I’ll return the DVD to the shop this weekend but I’m curious as to whether it’s a problem with the PS2 or with the DVD. Guess I’ll do some digging today …

As far as my game goes, I got the first incarnation working to my satisfaction day before yesterday (I forgot to mention that yesterday …) and put it up on my sites. Now I need to start working on the next iteration where the alien ships will actually fire at the Earth. Just didn’t have the time yesterday what with all the Xbox stuff and what not but maybe today or over the weekend …

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