November 12, 2001

I’ve always liked Billy Joel’s music ever since I heard Uptown Girl sometime way back in 1986 or so … Darn! That seems so long ago – I can’t believe that time has passed by so quickly … Anyway, I was watching Billy Joel’s “In His Own Words” yesterday and I realized why I liked his music so much – well, not exactly “realized” since I’m not sure that I can still put into words but it basically comes down to the fact that he was writing about life as he saw it and experienced it and I could relate to everything he sang about. It was a kind of nostalgic, wonderful, magical moment (or string of moments since the show lasted for two hours) and now I have this urge to listen to Billy Joel :p

In other news, I got a lot done on the game (which I’m calling “Peace Mission” at the moment even though the current incarnation is nothing like the actual game I have in mind for which the title is appropriate whereas the title is kinda unsuitable for the current implementation …) on Friday since suddenly I figured out how to solve a couple of problems which had been bugging me. Now the camera movement via mouse works fine (but keyboard movement is screwed up), I have the basic model animation working, background music and sound effects work and explosions work … So I decided to put the current implementation on the web to see if it would work. At first, I ran into problems but was able to sort them out and once everything was at least loading, I discovered that the game would crash out soon after it displayed the loading screen and I’m still not sure what the heck’s happening … If anybody wants to give it a shot, you should be able to find it here or here. I am not certain that the Nortiq link is totally updated and so the Tripod one might be your best bet … Let me know if it works for you, since it doesn’t work for me :p

I did run into one final problem – figuring out how to move an object in 3D space towards a second object. I can do the movement fine in 2D space but I guess I’ve forgotten too much about 3D geometry to do the calculations in 3D space :p I never thought I would need all the math I learnt in school but boy I sure do need it now … I did some web searching yesterday for appropriate material and found a couple of references but got busy with other stuff. I’ll eventually get the calculations straight and then the prototype should be ready to see if it actually works … Of course, then I’ll have to figure out what’s wrong with the web deployment of the game <g> If I get past both those steps, I guess I can get started on the actual game I originally envisioned …

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