November 8, 2001

I’ve not been working on the game I’ve been mentioning as much as I would like to – mostly because I got sidetracked by 3D Studio Max but also because I have been reluctant to get back into coding. I had originally done some work for the game using JavaScript since the engine I use, WildTangent, allows you to use a variety of languages to do the coding. But I realized after I’d done quite a bit of coding that JavaScript would basically leave my code open to the rest of the world :p So I decided to recode everything I’d done in Java as an applet but while I would often think of doing this during the last week or so, I never actually did <g> I finally decided to get off my rear-end and do it a day or two ago but it turned out to be not so easy – I should have known, right? :p I did finally got the basic stuff in place but then I’ve run into problems with the actual in game components … aargh!

I had been working till now with basic objects (like spheres, cones etc.) to represent the in game objects but now I wanted to have actual, good looking (or not so good looking since I was doing some of the models myself :p) models and then I discovered that WildTangent could only work with DirectX (.X) format models and I was doing my stuff in 3DS Max! I found a couple of freeware converters which would convert .3DS files to .X files but none of them seem to do the job perfectly and the better class converters are obviously commercial and cost a lot of money. Now I’m on a quest to find a good converter that I can use … ah the joys of working with computers :p

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