November 3, 2001

Interesting … I’ve been using Eudora as my e-mail client ever since I got online (and that was … I think around 1994 or 1995 – wow, that’s a long time, isn’t it? :p) and while I’ve tried out almost every other client that came out, I’ve never really liked any of the alternatives. I did notice somewhere around Eudora 3.0 or 4.0 that Qualcomm was replacing the standard MAPI32.DLL with one of their own but never gave it any thought since all of my apps worked fine without a problem – that was until I decided to try ActiveSync 3.5 with Office XP installed for my iPaq. Since MicroSoft decided to do away with support for SchedulePlus in ActiveSync 3.5, I decided that I would use Outlook to maintain my contacts, tasks, notes etc. but that I would continue to use Eudora … wrong!!! :p Every time that I tried to sync my iPaq with my desktop, all the other stuff would synchronize fine but none of the Outlook stuff would work. I searched the web and the MS knowledge base to no avail – it was as if nobody except for me had ever had this problem …

I did discover along the way that if I used the repair option in Outlook (which is actually a pretty handy tool since it makes sure that all necessary components and settings are valid for Outlook and if anything is missing, re-installs it from the install CD), that the synchronization would work fine but that after a while it would stop working again. I was still at a loss as to what was going wrong when I finally stumbled upon an MS knowledge base entry which said something about replacing MAPI32.DLL and I suddenly realized where the problem was! It was Eudora!! Every time I ran Eudora after repairing Outlook, it was replacing the darn DLL file again!

I now had to make a choice as to what was most important to me – to keep Eudora as my default mail client or to have trouble-free synchronization with my iPaq. I decided in favour of keeping my iPaq synchronization healthy since I depend on the information in my iPaq a lot. The added bonus (or not – depending on how you look at it …) would be that I would only have to have one e-mail client on my machine and could uninstall Eudora. So regretfully, after using Eudora from version 1.0 under Windows 3.1 to it’s current incarnation for about seven years, I decided to uninstall it and go with Outlook. Oh the horror of it all!! :p

Of course my troubles still weren’t over since I discovered that Outlook could not import my Eudora address book and mail though it imported my Eudora profiles (I have about ten <g>) without a hitch. It could have been because I had my Eudora mail folder in a non-standard location but it still should have worked fine, right? I was again beginning to smolder when I decided to try the import option in Outlook Express and what do you know? Outlook Express imported my address book and messages just fine!! Then it was just a matter of getting Outlook to import the stuff from Outlook Express – which again worked just dandy.

So now I’m using Outlook as my e-mail client and one good thing to come out of the whole deal is the fact that I can now check my Hotmail account from Outlook itself … and since I rarely check my Hotmail account, this is a good thing because I found out that my account was getting choked with spam :p

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