November 2, 2001

Woke up from a series of dreams (or one long, continuous one – not sure which) which started with me being in a strange house with an aunt of mine and then the house filling up bit by bit with all sorts of people – some known to me, some supposedly known to me (I was supposed to know them in the dream but once I woke up, I had no idea who they were) and some actually known to me. It was all wild, chaotic and kinda messed up since it brought back a lot of things that I’d left behind a long time ago. I really didn’t feel like getting up and didn’t feel at all like going to work but dragged myself out of bed, got ready and left.

Big mistake!! Just as I was getting on to the highway, another car slammed into me. I did see the car coming towards me a fairly good distance behind me but since I was merging (and had my turn signal on), I thought the other car would either slow down or switch lanes. Turns out that the lady in the other car thought I was going faster than I was and so decided to stay in the same lane till the last moment and then she tried to switch lanes, was cut off and so switched back to my lane and collided with me. Nobody was hurt but my car and hers are both damaged and I decided that I wasn’t going to work since it was raining at the time and I really wasn’t sure how badly my vehicle was damaged. So I returned home and am now waiting to call the insurance people, the body shop etc. Ah well ….

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