November 1, 2001

I had written my last entry a couple of days ago but in the midst of that entry I ran into a weird problem with Blog – any changes to the entry would result in an Access Violation error and though I checked all the data files for corruption, there was no problem with the data files. I meant to do some debugging to find out what was wrong but then got caught up in my 3D stuff since I’m still heavily into getting back into 3D animation stuff since I’m working on the game I mentioned a while back … To cut a long story short, I didn’t look into the problem till today and while I still have no idea what caused it, I was able to fix it by copying my data file into another instance of Blog and doing a minor change and saving it and then copying the data files back to my normal Blog directory. So I guess I’m back to posting …. but not coding – at least not till I get this game done so that will be kind of out of my system :p

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