October 30, 2001

I’ve been not quite at the top of my game since I got back from Sri Lanka – the main reason was the fact that my body hadn’t quite adjusted to the time changes but I was also a bit despondent (and disheartened) about a few other things … but I finally seem to be back today 🙂 I actually slept through and woke up only when my alarm clock went off instead of automatically waking up at the crack of dawn and I was able to think through some of the stuff that I was trying to come to terms with on the way to work and make sense out of all of it – or at least come to terms with it :p

The problem was that I was becoming increasingly more negative in the way I viewed the world during the last month or so. I have always thought that each one of us can make a difference in this world and that we can all touch those closest to us in some way and that if that interaction was positive, that there would eventually be enough of a ripple effect to change at least a small corner of the world. When I went to Sri Lanka this time, I realized that my brother, my uncle and my Dad all thought that I was hopelessly idealistic and that none of us could really change the world. This, couple with all the stuff that’s been going on recently – or rather the constant media barrage pointing out all the negativity -, has made me sort of retreat into myself and lose the joy that I had normally felt in interacting with people and doing stuff to help others.

I was thinking about all of this today while driving to work and I realized that the world will be what it is and people will always have their own opinions – even those closest to me – but that I must do what I feel is right and I feel good when I can help somebody or do something to make somebody else’s life a little better. So that’s what I’m going to do – end of story 🙂

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