October 25, 2001

Well … it’s been a long time that’s for sure 🙂 I’m finally back – actually I got back a couple of days ago but there were still things to be done after being away for so long and so I didn’t get the time to update my blog till now … Anyway, the trip was great and I finally came to appreciate how much fun Sri Lanka was and how much I missed being there. Of course, that’s not to say that all the stuff that I found in Sri Lanka was agreeable – the driving for instance is insane :p But all in all, it was a great experience and it has made me realize that Sri Lanka is where I want to be …

Haven’t done much in the way of coding at all and probably won’t do much for a while anyway since I’m going to be busy with quite a few things – one of the main things is actually going to be a new project that I kind of thought up … Yeah, I know … another project – as if I didn’t have enough to work on already <vbg> This is kinda neat though since it’s got to do with gaming – one of my former employers in Sri Lanka wants to set up a workshop for developing games and I wanted to check out how feasible the whole deal was from a coding point of view. So I’ve been doing some work since I got back and would you believe it? I’m already well on the way to doing a pretty good looking game!! I’ll write more about that once I do get things to a level where you can actually try it out – and you can try it out easily since it’s a web/browser based game 🙂

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