October 4, 2001

I do have a rant about racial profiling since they had a pretty interesting segment yesterday on “20/20” about it where they interviewed many Americans and almost all of them seemed to be for targeting people of probable Middle Eastern descent as possible terrorists. What was even more interesting was that a majority of the African Americans were for this kind of profiling but when they were next asked how they felt about the police targeting African Americans on the highways because majority of the crime in the US is committed by black youths, they said that wasn’t right because that was racism. I fail to see the difference between the two cases but that must be just me because the majority of the people in the “land of the free” feels it’s all right to target a specific demographic – especially of course if they aren’t American. Ah well … why talk about it? I’ll probably have more to say about it after I fly tomorrow since I have a distinctly Arabic name :p

Speaking of flying, I’ll be in Amsterdam airport on the 6th from about 11:30am till around 2:30pm on my way to Sri Lanka – anybody wanna visit me? :p I’m kinda looking forward to the trip since I haven’t been home to Sri Lanka in about four years and it will be good to see my parents and brother and sister. Plus, with the way things are here in the US, I am actually considering going back for good because the whole American attitude at the moment is kinda souring me on America. To be fair, none of my personal friends or most of the people I know of personally on the Net who are American have expressed these negative attitudes but when you hear the same thing from so many different sources about Americans, you feel hemmed in. I know I’m being unfair to the one’s who aren’t like that but all the same it feels very uncomfortable. Plus, if it did happen to me, I’d probably make a big fuss and end up in jail anyway :p

As far as coding goes, I did get very far along with Bandit and KuhnDog seems to be very happy with it 🙂 But I won’t have the time to do any more work on any of my apps till I get back from Sri Lanka (or decide to stay there for good <vbg>) I wish I’d got the time to release Blog 5.0 Beta 2 before I left or even done some work on the next release of Scope but I guess it’s best not to rush these things. So bear with me 🙂 I’ll probably update my journal even while I’m over there (if I do get there that is :p) but probably not as frequently since I’ll be moving around a lot visiting relatives, kissing babies etc. :p But keep watching this space and I’ll let you know all that’s going on …

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