October 2, 2001

Been pretty busy with work related stuff and I’ve also been working on a couple of coding projects. The first one was to get Mozilla 0.9.4 to compile on my machine so that I can get back to work on Scope. They are really making things complicated for Mozilla – now you need the Mozilla tools, Cygwin, Perl and Info-Zip to simply get Mozilla to compile. Even then, you can’t do a full build if you don’t have the MFC libraries and headers (like me) on your machine. I did get the client built yesterday but haven’t had time to look into it any further because of the second project.

This actually started as a quick and dirty app (as they all do <vbg>) for KuhnDog since he wanted a way to take a screenshot of his desktop and upload it to an FTP server while creating a thumbnail image of the file as well. I started work on a new app called Bandit which I hoped to complete in no time at all. In fact, I had a prototype ready last week for KuhnDog but since I had no Net access over the weekend, I didn’t see KuhnDog’s reaction to the app till I got back to work yesterday. Turns out that Bandit wouldn’t run on his machine due some problems with the image manipulation components that I’d used 🙁 Since I am planning to go on vacation on Friday, I promised KuhnDog that I’d get the app done before that and so I’ve been working on that whenever I have the time and today I was finally able to get Bandit working the way I wanted to. It has evolved a bit beyond what it was initially supposed to be but it is also lacking a few of the original features :p Basically, it’s still a work in progress but hopefully it won’t be something I will work on for too long since I don’t need another app to eat into my time <vbg>

In non-coding related news, I was able to test out the ATI all-in-wonder card yesterday as a PVR and was able to record around two hours of “The Fly” at fairly good quality with no problems at all! I’m pretty satisfied with the card and it’s performance and am now thinking of getting a big hard disk – I mean a really big one 🙂 Since I just saw a Maxtor 60GB for around $145, that might not be a bad idea since then I could have over 20 hours of recording time as opposed to the five hours I get now :p Ah well, some day ….

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