August 24, 2001

A weird thing has been happening today – I’ve been receiving a SirCam virus e-mail from the same address with the same subject line and the same attachment. So far I’ve received about 16 copies of the e-mail (not counting the four or five I received yesterday). Following the quote from “GoldFinger” which says “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action”, I’m beginning to suspect that this might indeed be enemy action :p I have written to the owner of the e-mail address but no response – the e-mails keep a comin’ and so I wrote to the admins of his domain since this happens to be a university but still no response! Now, I’m getting really annoyed … any suggestions?

On the other hand, I was able to get the documentation updated and all the features in for Blog 4.0 and so you know what comes next – yes, release time 🙂 This release has a lot of little feature enhancements and the list of changes is the longest (I think) for any release of Blog. There are a few things to watch out for, for existing Blog users. First, you will have to run the Data Conversion Utility – there is a new build so get it and run the 3.7 -> 4.0 conversion. Second, I have added three toolbar buttons (one for previewing your journal on the web to the main toolbar and two for bold and italic text to the edit toolbar) and you might not see them unless either you delete the Blog.cfg file in your Blog directory or click on the little arrow at the end of your toolbars and select “Reset Toolbar”. In either case I’m afraid that you’ll probably lose any customizations you made to your toolbar … sorry 🙁

I think that’s all that you’ll have to watch out for but quite a few settings have moved from the Global Options dialog to the Journal tab of the Journal Management Dialog but I have tried to ensure that the Data Conversion Utility ports over your existing settings. There might be some problems however and so I’d advice you to look over all the settings and go through the documentation again to at least find out about the new tags added to Blog. Speaking of documentation, you can now have the documentation open up in your default text editor by simply selecting ReadMe from the Help menu 🙂 Enjoy!!

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