August 24, 2001

Didn’t get much done yesterday at all. I was working from home but I was suffering from lack of sleep (I have a problem with sleeping that seems to crop up around the time of season changes – probably due to changes in how much sunlight I get …) and a major headache. I had finished reading “Destiny’s Road” day before yesterday (excellent, excellent book!! Hope there is a sequel …) and the next one I selected was Gordon R. Dickson and Keith Laumer’s “Planet Run”. Since it is a collaboration between two of the best in SF, I have great hopes for it but haven’t started it yet because I haven’t felt like reading.

Unfortunately sinesolis got pink eye but the silver lining (not for him but for Blog :p) was that he had the time to do some icons that I wanted to include in Blog 4.0 – thanks again for all your wonderful work sinesolis!! Since I have the icons, I should actually release Blog 4.0 today but there are two things that I still need to do. I still haven’t done the enhancements to journal purging and Rick has convinced me to add a title per entry in Blog after some discussion 🙂 I know some people wanted this feature while others feel that it can be done simply by using HTML in your entry but I can see how certain things (like consistent formatting and linking to each entry) can be better facilitated with a separate < $BlogTitle> tag. Once I get all of that done (I don’t really know when since this week is going to be pretty busy at work as well …), you will finally be able to get your hands on Blog 4.0 🙂

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