July 28, 2001

The most interesting thing that happened yesterday was that I got mentioned on Call For Help on TechTV :p Before any of you start thinking that it was for any of my apps, let me hasten to disillusion you 🙂 They were discussing blogs on Call For Help and were asking for people’s opinions in the chat room. I went in there because I wanted to let them know about Blog since not many even know that Blog exists <g> but as is normal for me for some weird reason, I ended up promoting Noah Grey’s (the guy who created GreyMatter – an excellent albeit not to my test blogging system) site :p I really like the photographs and writing on Noah’s site and so the reference was well deserved .. Anyway, they quoted me on CFH as being for blogs but I can’t recall my exact words. I guess nobody caught that since I haven’t heard from anybody about it :p

I’ve been getting some feedback on the News Reader idea and it’s all been positive so far. I really am not sure that I should be taking on another app but hey, what’s life without a challenge? <vbg> So I have started planning out what I want the app to do – actually it most probably will not be a new app per se since I’m basically planning to take Gossip and extend its functionality so that it will do triple duty as a backend news reader, a news group reader and a binary harvester. I am not positive about the binary harvester part though till I have gotten the preliminary coding under way. Will I start coding this week? I’d like to but I don’t know whether I will or not – it depends on a lot of things like how I’m feeling, whether I wanna watch movies and a lot of other intangibles like that :p

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