July 27, 2001

I’ve received several complaints about problems with Scope and Shell32.dll and at least one person said “I do have the Shell32.dll file on my machine, so what gives?” The problem is not that Shell32.dll is missing but rather that it is too old for Scope to work with. Here verbatim is some information I found on the Net about the problem and a possible solution …

“The shell file is not missing from your computer but the version is too old for the Browser to use. As Windows 95 evolved, Microsoft released upgrades to the operating system that were distributed with a new release of Internet Explorer. If you are getting the [shell32.dll] error message then you are not using the upgraded files. The solution is to install IE4.0 SP2 with the “Standard Install” This will upgrade the SHELL32.DLL (and other files) on your system and the Browser will then work. Upgrading to IE5.0 or 5.5 do not fix the problem because they upgrade the browser only and not Windows 95. If you already have a newer version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer, you must first uninstall it before installing IE4.0. After 4.0 is installed you can reinstall 5.0 or 5.5 to upgrade the browser.”

The IE 4.0 SP2 is a pretty big file I’m told (about 15MB) and I’m not sure where you can find it but a search of the Microsoft Site should turn something up. I know that the above is a pretty awful solution :p I’m working on a separate solution which might deprive you of certain of the features of Scope but will let you use it as it is without having to upgrade your Shell32.dll file … Lemme know if you have any preferences about the above two options …

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