July 22, 2001

Watched “Miss Congeniality” yesterday. I laughed out loud at several scenes, enjoyed the movie immensely and yet can’t but help have some critiques :p The only thing that I didn’t like about the movie was that it had sort of a farcial quality to it – Sandra Bullock is tougher than tough, her character is not feminine at all and I find that hard to believe. I find it harder to believe that she goes through life believing that she’s not attractive at all and has to go through an ugly-duckling to swan transformation to finally realize that she looks good. If you don’t mind that sort of inconsistentcy (and to be honest, while I did notice the stuff, it still didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie …), it’s a great movie and I really liked the sound-track – must see about getting it on CD 🙂

As I mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to set up a webcam for the journal. Now, why would I want to show my ugly mug off to the whole world you may ask? I ask myself the same question :p I guess the short answer is to give the journal a more personal touch … I like to be able to visualize the person I’m talking to and since I am basically carrying on a dialog (albeit a one-sided one <g>) with whoever is reading this page, I decided a webcam might help. Plus, somebody who read my journal once commented that they really liked my site because it had a sort of a community feeling to it – so I’m trying to totally destroy it by scaring off everybody who sees my face <vbg> Anyway, I got a Video Blaster WebCam Go from Best Buy yesterday and am about to do my first trial-runs with it … Let’s see how it goes …

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