July 10, 2001

Ok, I had enough time during lunch to get together a Beta 3 of Scope 🙂 The download link’s on the side-bar as well as on the Download page itself – enjoy! As for further development, at the moment I’m actually thinking of going back to Blog since the number of Blog users seems to be slowly increasing. I updated the list of sites using Blog with two more sites today. While the number of sites that I know of that use Blog can still be counted on the fingers of one hand, it does seem as if the number is slowly growing and since I use Blog a lot myself, I have decided to start work on some badly needed features such as the ability to customize how many days worth of posts are shown on the main page and a few other such niceties.

While I am on the subject, I do have a question for any Blog users who might be reading this. I have had discussions with at least a couple of people who wanted an integrated way to upload both their posts and any graphics that the post might reference. I’ve been using BOB till now to do extra file uploads but it would make sense to have that capability in Blog itself. Now my question to existing Blog users is – would you mind an increase in file size if I were to add an extra file upload feature? Or rather, is the extra file upload feature something really necessary to Blog? I’d appreciate your input. Thanks 🙂

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