July 4, 2001

I’ve released Scope 2.0 Beta 2 – yes you read that right … Beta 2 :p No, there was no bug in the “Set Scope as default browser?” dialog – if you said No, Scope wouldn’t do any registry changes … That was a false alram. But what prompted me to do this release was (besides the fact that I’ve done about five or six bug fixes and feature additions since Beta 1 <g>) another NetCaptor review for Scope at BetaNews :p The only problem that this particular reviewer described for Scope was the fact that he or she couldn’t get Scope to work with Mozilla and that reminded me of something that I should have done a long time ago – add some documentation about how to get Mozilla working with Scope <vbg> So I updated the Scope page with a FAQ and also added some documentation to the distro itself. Coupled with the code changes I’d done, it seemed enough to do another beta release and so here it is! The download link’s in the sidebar and you can also download it from the downloads page. Enjoy!

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