June 1, 2001

My friend John in France mentioned today that he’d be happy to beta test BOB for me and then jugg came online and he said that I should release BOB as a beta till I can get the documentation done. In fact, he got a copy of BOB from me then and there and ran it through it’s paces and found a few things that needed to be fixed 🙂 Most of the stuff was minor and so I was able to fix them quickly during my lunch break and so I’ve uploaded a bare bones copy of BOB to both Tripod and Razor Systems. There are no docs and no instructions but it’s very easy to use. Extract the ZIP file to a directory of your choice, run the BOB.EXE file, define a few sites and save them (unless of course you want to keep on typing the site details each time) and then do the file transfer. It’s as simple as that … Oh yeah, where’s the file? It can be found here :p

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