May 29, 2001

As usual jugg was prompt to test out Gossip and he discovered a fatal flaw that I’d missed 🙂 I had opted to store the URL for each headline in the Data property of each treelist item which displayed the headline and it looks as if there was a problem with it. Only certain URLs would be launched while others did nothing at all! So I’ve fixed the problem by introducing a class derived from TCollection to hold the headline details for each headline. Now everything seems to work fine – at least for the three sites I have included with Gossip 🙂 Thanks again for your invaluable suggestions and testing jugg!! (Oh yeah, since I still can’t update the Nortiq mirror from work, only the Tripod site and the Razor Systems mirror will have the updated build of Gossip – sorry …)

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Coming back to work after several days usually means more work than usual and today was no exception 🙂 Finally found some breathing space to do a couple of minor tweaks to the site. I hadn’t intended originally to put up the LockerGnome link till the newsletter arrived with the mention of Blog since it seemed kind of presumptious to put it beforehand but then I realized I probably won’t even have the link up that day since I don’t get to my e-mail till much later in the day and it seemed kind of bad not to have a link back to the LockerGnome site … yeah I know, I nitpick too much <vbg> Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I did add the LockerGnome button to the bottom of the Blog page today …

I was talking to jugg today and he mentioned something that I’d been intending to do myself but kept on forgetting – namely the addition of some sort of a warning to users that downloading from Tripod was usually going to result at best in failure :p So I added a little premanent notice in the side-bar. Of course, this could be slightly confusing to somebody on a mirror site because the notice would be displayed on the mirror site too but I’m hoping that the users would know the difference 🙂

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