May 14, 2001

Well kiddies it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for … well, I know that nobody’s been waiting for this that much except for a couple of individuals but it still sounds better :p Anyway, Blog CS is finally done and is ready for testing. I haven’t played with it much except to make sure that basic functionality is there since I mainly use stand-alone Blog for day-to-day stuff … But from what I’ve seen on my machine it seems to work fine.

The final distribution didn’t turn out to be too hefty since it is only about .5 MB over the stand-alone version 🙂 There is a BlogCS.txt file included in the distro which should explain most of the stuff though the usage section hasn’t been modified to reflect the changes in BlogCS <vbg> So download it, have fun and let me know of all bugs and stuff!

Incidentally, sinesolis did another one of his great looking Powered by Blog buttons so you know what to do if you do use Blog on a regular basis – hmm, I guess I’d better clarify anyway <g> Download the button and link to my site, that’s what :p I’d like to hear from anybody who uses Blog on a regular basis at all anyway … Here’s sinesolis’s latest and greatest 🙂 :

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