April 2, 2001

More Blog

All right!!! It actually worked 🙂 Except of course for my RazorSys mirror since my files there have to be in a sub-directory and I had no provision in the FTP section of Blog for changing directories or for specifying a directory … I guess I’ll now have to work on building that in but other than that, it seems to work great <g>

I’ve also managed to tweak the file compilation so that the executable file is down from around 1MB to a pretty svelte 340k 🙂 Of course, I still have no idea how to do a distribution set up from Delphi so that it picks up all the necessary files – or even if that is possible with Delphi but I guess that can wait … I do definitely want to distribute Blog because this is going to make web site maintainance such a breeze and I’m already loving the ease of use of Blog but normal users might find a few of the rough edges on Blog a bit grating <vbg> So I intend to polish things up a bit, figure out how to do a complete installer setup and then put Blog up for download … Back to work for me 🙂

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