March 30, 2001

Scope Changes

OK the includes work great! So here’s the low down on the new release 🙂 The new release replaces the toolbar bitmaps with sinesolis’s great graphics and it also adds status icons to the browser tabs. Now the blank,loading and loaded but not viewed icons are straightforward. But once you view a page, I set the icon to display which engine is in use for that tab. Now I opted for the option as in this image:
but there is also this other set of icons that sinesolis did:
If most of the users like the latter, I might change the icons later on.

So what else has changed? Hmm … I changed the internal code for the menu bar so that the min/restore/close buttons were re-implemented for maximized MDI child windows. I have since heard that closing the last window causes certain graphical problems with this code but I am too tired to code just now and am releasing the build as it is since I’ve been using this build for about a day now and it works fine generally 🙂 Read the history.txt file if you want all the details as to what has changed …

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