March 25, 2001

It Begins …

I’ve been meaning to use a Blog for a while now but never got around to it – as always so many things to do and not enough time 🙂 LockerGnome had a link to a more sophisticated Blog tool called GreyMatter that I had downloaded sometime ago … I finally decided to give it a try today and while I was at it, Tech TV’s Call for Help ran a segment on Blogging as well – quite a coincidence 🙂 Anyway, GreyMatter did not really work out and so I decided to go back to Blogger since that was that much more easier to set up and use. But that was an experience in itself since I was using my own browser, Scope and for some reason or other, Scope wouldn’t really work too well with the Blogger site itself – guess it’s time for me to debug Scope …

Anyway, I did manage to get the Blogger account setup by using IE and here I am finally doing my first Blog entry … Let’s see how this works out 🙂

Hmm … I guess I did make a few mistakes there since I had named the directory for Blogger incorrectly and it wasn’t there :p Hey, anybody can make mistakes right? I corrected that but now I find that Tripod doesn’t resolve subdirectory names correctly when using virtual domains – ugh 🙁 Guess, I’ll have to merge my existing stuff about Scope and this Blog together so that I can keep both on one virtual domain … Oh well …more work 🙂

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